Lovers & Losers @ The Glasshouse in Pomona, Ca.

Let Em Riot LIVE is: Jason Nelson (Visuals/Programming), Chris Fudurich (Drums) and Alan Oakes (Vocals/Guitar)

Let Em Riot is the brainchild of Southern California based ElectroPop producer Alan Oakes. Drawing on a wealth of influences spanning 80s SynthPop to LA Dreamwave, Let Em Riot produce catchy, danceable retro Pop that speaks to the listener with an emotional resonance rare in synth music. With an effortless Indie cool, Let Em Riot, whist at their core a SynthPop act, speaks to everyone who gets drawn into their hazy, nostalgic, music. D├ębuting in 2010 with their The App EP, Let Em Riot have slowly made quite a name for themselves amongst those in the know.

Ranging from upbeat floor-fillers to impassioned ballads, Let Em Riot draws on bitter-sweet nostalgia and new romanticism set amidst a hazy retro 80s ElectroPop soundtrack made contemporary with Indie sensibilities.

Like the soundtrack to the John Hughes movie of your life, Let Em Riot brings together lush, rich synthesizers and the kind of gently melancholy, tempered with optimism, that characterized the best 80s Pop. Perfectly packaged for today’s vintage Disco dance floors.